Danny G & The Major 7ths Celebrate Second Album With New Single ‘When It All Runs Out’ | Music News


“When It All Runs Out” is the lead single from the neo-soul group Danny G & the Major 7ths new album The Lookout. This track is directed at world leaders who are transforming a paradise, our planet, into ruins because of their actions for the race of natural resources.


The contrast between the beauty of the region that inspired him, Venezuela, and the difficult reality of the street clashes, the anger and tension, is felt through the distinction between the jovial instrumental and the authenticity in the lyrics.


Danny G asks “What you gonna do when it all runs out” inspired by the classic protests songs by Marvin Gaye: “What’s Going On” and “Where Are We Going”, but with some added South American percussive flavour. Featuring jazzy solos from Bill Blackmore’s trumpet and Mason McMillan’s sax this song feels like a melodious parenthesis that we needed to take a moment and think.


Danny G visited Venezuela in 2013 for the first time and got his inspiration for “When It All Runs Out” from there. He said he has been struck by the beauty of this country, how warm and welcoming people are, but also sadly how everything seems to be broken.


Danny G & the Major 7ths second album The Lookout was for them, a labour of love, years in the making. This album is a natural progression from the retro soul feel of debut Love Joints (2014) to a deeper, more mature, richer sound, evoking the classic neo-soul artists of the 2000s.


Listen to “When It All Runs Out” below:




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