Danny Huston To Return To ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ | TV News


Danny Huston made a brilliant impression on American Horror Story: Coven as the murderous, charming Axeman and has since made a splash in American Horror Story: Freak Show as Massimo Dolcefino in its eighth episode ‘Bloodbath‘. It was disappointing when we first heard that Huston wouldn’t be making a substantial appearance in the horror series’ fourth season but now it appears Massimo has made such an effect on Jessica Lange’s Elsa, he may well be back for more episodes.


While promoting his upcoming release of Tim Burton’s Big Eyes, Huston took a moment to discuss his future in Freak Show with Perri Nemiroff over at Collider. When asked about the back-story of Massimo and Elsa and whether that story line would develop, Huston replied; “… you may see me in following episodes”. Great news! Nemiroff did a great job of prying about the possibility of Huston playing both Massimo and Dandy’s therapist! Check out Huston skillfully dodging Nemiroff’s questions in the clip below.




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