‘Daredevil’ Writer Steven DeKnight Joins ‘Transformers’ Shared Universe Writers Room | Film Music


For those like me who wince at the sound of the name “Transformers”, I have some surprisingly good news for you. Steven DeKnight, the showrunner and writer of Daredevil season one has joined the Transformers Shared Universe‘ writer’s room. DeKnight seems the perfect choice, as he was able to breathe levity into Daredevil despite maintaining a serious atmosphere throughout the series.


As for the rest of the Transformers writers room, it’s a fantastic collection of talent with Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead), Zak Penn (A pre-Whedon Avengers draft) and many others getting their pens out to write some Decepticon versus Autobot goodness. Maybe for once I’ll be happy to see the Autobots roll out!



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