‘Daredevil’ Writer To Helm ‘Akira’ Movie Adaptation | Film News

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‘Daredevil’ Writer To Helm ‘Akira’ Movie Adaptation | Film News


With the internet being suffused in rumours these last few years about the development of Akira, the most propitious one has just landed. As THR reports, co show runner of Daredevil Season 2, Marco J. Ramirez is to helm the script for the telekinesis action film. Based within Tokyo, this post-apocolyptic neo-tokyo era is explored through the eyes of two men, where they both mistreat used powers and exploit the use of gang territories, in particular revolutionary groups.


Considered a cult movie and hailed as one of the greatest manga animations of all time (with its release on the screen in 1988), Warner Bros. is attempting to put together a production that will live up to the fan base of the manga series. With Toby Kebbell in the driving seat at one stage, to play Tetsuo, it is unclear whether he will return under Marco J. Ramirez and any new direction.



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