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Recounting much of Darth Vader’s scenes in the original Star Wars trilogy, he doesn’t really do very much in terms of fighting. The action could be summarized through a number of force chokes, two lightsaber duels with his son, and throwing the Emperor into the heart of the Death Star. Though one could suggest that this limitation was due to the effects technology at the time, no one could take away the brooding and menacing presence of the Sith Lord.


A short of his brutality could be seen within the prequels, however this was still at a time where he was called Anakin Skywalker, and before he even donned the black mask and cape.




Now rumoured to appear as a primary antagonist to spin-off Rogue One, Making Star Wars recently made a statement that hints some ideasregarding the role of the character.


“The action sequences filmed are unknown, but there was work pitching the different ways Darth Vader could kill rebels on a battlefield with the Force and his lightsaber. The storyboard “pitches” showed decapitated rebels, people being dismembered by Vader throwing his sword, levitating bodies to make human shields, and so on. The art was more violent than what we’ve seen Darth Vader do on screen before.”


The description present here is quite unsettling, but not really far away from the image of the villain. Thanks to the technology that has brought us a magnificent Star Wars movie last year, we can hopefully and finally see an active and powerful Darth Vader on the way.



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