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DATAROCK – Laugh In The Face Of Darkness | New Music


It’s hard to believe, but the extravagant Norwegian collective DATAROCK are returning with their first ‘proper’ album since 2009 – Face the Brutality. Following the first album’s single “Ruffle Shuffle“, the electro-rock band now shares another brand new one, called “Laugh in the Face of Darkness“.


The band’s history isn’t the easiest to follow: they started back in 2000 as a trio, then another guy was hired, then two guys left, then the others joined, then their sophomore album Red featured almost 50 members, and The Musical featured 87…it goes on.


Only Fredrik Saroea, the founder and frontman, was there the whole time, but even he jokes that the main member has always been the signature band’s outfit – red tracksuit. However, the big return with Face the Brutality is changing that too – black is the new red and you can see it in this humorous trailer:



DATAROCK is the kind of band which can’t be taken too seriously. Fredrik proves it with explanation of how they came up with such title Face the Brutality: “we heard a radio show in Canada with that name back in 2004, and thought it sounded hilariously pretentious. Coming from a city of black metal, and with a background in punk and thrash metal, we found the title so utterly wrong for DATAROCK that we’ve always wanted to use it for an album.”


Ironic, effortless and entertaining as always, the Bergen band is back. Even though they might not have another highly infectious track like as “Fa Fa Fa” or “Computer Camp Love” from their 2005 debut LP Datarock Datarock, their return is still intriguing.


Listen to the latest “Laugh in the Face of Darkness” below:




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