David Harewood Keen To Return For ‘The Night Manager’ Series 2 | TV News



The BBC adaptation of The Night Manager was one of the biggest TV success stories of 2016, rumours rolling around for a hopeful second series, actor David Harewood very keen to return if a sequel to the series goes ahead. Commenting to DigitalSpy, he said:


“I know there are rumours, I only hope I’m available. I’d love to do it again.”


The series hinted at a romantic past shared with Olivia Colman’s character – a connection Harewood would be eager to explore if a second series were to be commissioned:


“I would crawl across broken glass to work with Olivia again,” he said. “She’s fantastic – a really wonderful actress. I thought we made quite a nice team – so I’d like to explore their relationship and see them working together again, for sure.”



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