David Lynch Directs Video For New Donovan Single ‘I Am The Shaman’ | Music News


According to Brooklyn Vegan, David Lynch has produced the song “I Am The Shaman” and directed the video for Donovan. Lynch frequent’s collaborator, Dean Hurley, has mixed the song.


This new video was released on May 10 for Donovan’s 75th birthday. “I Am The Shaman” aims to raise money so Donovan can give classes about Transcendental Meditation.


Donovan and Lynch became friends more than a decade ago over their shared love of transcendental meditation. Donovan has worked with the David Lynch Foundation, but he also contributed to the compilation album The Music Of David Lynch in 2011.


“I Am The Shaman” first appeared as a bonus track on the septuagenary’s 2010 double album Ritual Groove. The track was recorded in Lynch’s Los Angeles studio. The songwriter said: “It was all impromptu… I visited the studio and David said, ‘Sit at the mics with your guitar Don’.


David in same room behind control desk with my Linda. He had asked me to only bring in a song just emerging, not anywhere near finished. We would see what happens. It happened!”


The music video is somewhere between simple and strange. We can see Donovan with his guitar in front of a black background. Everything is in black and white and the visual evolves through the lyrics. Donovan appears among streaking stars and at some moments, the skull necklace he is wearing swings ominously through the frame.


Watch David Lynch’s video for Donovan’s song “I Am The Shaman” here:




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