David Mackenzie Cuts ‘Outlaw King’ By 20 Minutes Following TIFF Reaction | Film News


Although Netflix gives its filmmakers a very long leash in regards to the creative process, one director isn’t going to let that turn him into someone who doesn’t listen to audience feedback. Per Deadline, Outlaw King director David Mackenzie has trimmed 20 minutes of his historical epic after hearing the reaction at the Toronto International Film Festival.


“I could feel what the audience was like in the theatre. I’m sensitive to the way they felt” said Mackenzie, before noting that his decision to head back to the editing room was entirely his decision.


Outlaw King follows the Scottish King Robert, played by Chris Pine, who rises from murderer to monarch as he squares off against Edward I. The film arrived at TIFF with a 137 minute runtime, and while reviews were ok, most critics were put off by a runtime that wasn’t justified by the script. Thus Mackenzie will try to re-cut the film into something less bloated.


He’s the latest filmmaker to take his work back to the editing room after a festival screening in recent years. Dan Gilroy, alongside Denzel Washington, heard the reaction at last year’s TIFF to their drama Roman J. Israel, Esq., and the duo decided to re-cut the film for its wide release.


The same thing happened this year at Fantasia Fest, with David Robert Mitchell deciding to re-edit his film Under The Silver Lake, meaning that critics will see a different version when it hits cinemas later this year.


The move didn’t really pay off for Gilroy, as his film fared poorly both critically and commercially, and we’re yet to see the latest cut of Under The Silver Lake, so it’s unclear whether Mackenzie’s decision will pay off.


We’ll be able to find out pretty soon though, as Outlaw King hits Netflix and select cinemas Friday, November 9.



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