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After his success with The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook, director David O’Russell has managed to get his long awaited movie Accidental Love (previously titled Nailed) off the ground and into production with a new trailer and release date to boot. The film tells the story of a small town waitress, played by Jessica Biel, who finds herself partaking in strange behavior after a nail gets accidentally lodged into her skull. With no money for insurance, she finds herself in Washington D.C where a young, clueless senator (Jake Gyllenhaal) takes up her cause. Cheesy rom-com, anyone?


Everything about the trailer just screams ‘utterly forgettable’ which sucks because I’m a big fan of Silver Linings Playbook and Jake Gyllenhaal absolutely killed it in his recent performance in Nightcrawler and his character in this, just kind of looks embarrassing. Still, at best we can hope for a quirky comedy but I’m not holding my breath. What’s interesting to note is that O’Russell’s name is nowhere to be seen on the trailer. This could have something to do with the film’s slightly dodgy past where James Caan ditched production after arguments and financial issues forced O’Russell to previously walk away. Accidental Love gets a limited theatrical release on February 10.



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