Dawn Riding Take A Political Stand With New Song ‘The Difference’ | Music News


Country-folk trio Dawn Riding has shared a political statement through their latest song “The Difference”. The folk song deals with racism, social issues and the personal experiences of singer and songwriter Sarah Rose Janko.


Dawn Riding consists of Jasmyn Wong, Hall McCann and Sarah. They’re based in Oakland, CA, and together they’ve created a tough yet melodic sound. Because of the ongoing global pandemic Sarah was unable to record with the full band.


But she had the urge to speak up and decided to record the song on herself. To quote civil rights activist Nina Simone: “it’s the artist’s job to reflect the times”. Of course this can be overwhelming, especially nowadays in a system where social and political changes happen every hour.


After 3 months of pandemic lock down and the movement around Black Lives Matter Sarah found herself in front of the mirror staring into her own eyes and questioning her position as a white person.


“The Difference” is a protest song about the future and how to create a more equal world. Sarah wants to bring her message across that it’s important to look in the “mirror during a time when great change could be on the horizon“. Listen to the song which comes with a great underdog spirit below.




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