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It looks like two of the groups that Diddy put together during his ‘Making the Band’ shows are both reuniting, however unlike Danity Kane, Day 26 are reuniting after four years with all the original members (Que, Willie, Mike, Brian and Rob). Whilst everyone was watching the Grammy Awards over the weekend, Day 26 performed in front of a packed crowd at the SOBs in New York and they were serenading audiences with their fan-favourite hits.



Usually when groups break up, they tend to lose chemistry BUT not in the case of Day 26. They sounded great, they had great chemistry, they have matured a lot and it almost feels like they never broke up to begin with which is a great thing.


Back in 2012, Willie Taylor told Urban Bridgez that even though the group have their issues, he was not going to count out a reunion just yet. “I’m not a petty person so I would bring Q, Mike, Brian, Rob and myself, everybody, because that’s who people grew to love through the television show and the first two albums, so I would bring it all back. I honestly don’t even think it would make sense without them all. Right now, they all have my support and I hope I have theirs. I just want the fans to know I was there to the end, never missed a show, always in the studio and never late, because I believed in the brand.


Forgive and forget is definitely the motto here. Are you excited for the Day 26 reunion? I know I definitely am. Check out some of the live performances from the SOBS show below:




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