‘Dead In A Week’ Debuts First Movie Trailer | Film Trailer


Following in the footsteps of a long tradition of dark comedies with a deadpanned, dry sense of humor, the first trailer for Dead In a Week (Or Your Money Back) has hit the internet and it promises as much laughter as British people can afford.


The synopsis for the movie sees young, struggling writer William (Aneurin Barnard) hiring a professional assassin (Tom Wilkinson) to end his life after numerous failed attempts to commit suicide. However, when a publishing house shows interest in the young boy’s work, he soon changes his mind about ending his life and from there on a series of unfortunates slip-ups and improbable events will provide most of the comic relief.


The movie is an ironic retake on a coming of age story about a young guy struggling with his life, but with a completely British spin that often includes a clumsy assassin with a killer sense of humor, as already seen in Wild Target or the recent Kingsman franchise.


With Tom Wilkinson and rising star Aneurin Barnard, who is fresh off the Dunkirk success, on board, the movie will surely benefit from the huge talents involved. Riding a genre that has been exploited many times is not always a wise decision, but from the first look of it, the premises don’t look too shabby.


The trailer is available to watch exclusively at Deadline here.



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