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Capcom’s most popular zombie smashing video game Dead Rising has already seen the grace of two made-for-television movie adaptations, however according to recent reports, the franchise is certainly not ready to stop expanding just yet.


According to an interview between actor Jesse Metcalfe (Dead Rising: Watchtower) and Digital Spy, there is an open possibility in continuing the storyline that was first introduced in the films.


“Maybe there’ll be a third instalment of the Dead Rising franchise, they’ve even been throwing around the idea of a possible series. They like the idea that each episode would have a clock on it, similar to 24.” the actor suggested “It’d be an edge-of-your-seat, action-driven show – within the zombie genre, so it would have two really strong elements going for it”.


Though a further adaptation would be more than welcome to the franchise, his statement highlights the extent in which the show seemingly diverges from its source material. Dead Rising is a video game series that is notorious for its nonsensical mechanics of fighting against the undead hordes, all the while maintaining a serious yet comedic standard to its story line.


Hopefully they do infuse some of these elements back into the series at some point, as the source material itself seeks to return to form with its latest instalment Dead Rising 4.



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