Deadmau5 Mocks Justin Bieber On Twitter | Music News



Deadmau5 has hit out at Justin Bieber in response to a video that detailed the composition of “Where Are Ü Now”. The hit song by Skrillex & Diplo (a.k.a. Jack Ü) featuring Justin Bieber has been extremely well-received; it has been nominated for Best Song Of The Summer at this year’s VMAs and has received millions of plays on Spotify and YouTube.


He picked on the fact that Bieber said that the song was expensive, you know what I mean? It’s like the sounds that are used are not cheap. They’re very expensive-sounding sounds.Deadmau5 posted a series of tweets including: “SO EXPENSIVE. you dont even want to know how much my sounds cost. fucking crazy. moving air isnt fuckin cheap”



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