‘Deadpool’ Director Tim Miller To Direct ‘Neuromancer’ Adaptation | Film News

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‘Deadpool’ Director Tim Miller To Direct ‘Neuromancer’ Adaptation | Film News


While Tim Miller won’t be directing Deadpool 2, he is taking the reigns of an equally anticipated project. He will direct the adaptation of the 1986 William Gibson novel, Neuromancer. The classic novel has had a film adaptation in the works for a while, and should allow Miller to flex his directing muscles with its cyberpunk aesthetic.


The book follows Henry Dorsett Case, a former data thief whose nervous system was crippled by vengeful employees. But a mysterious employer recruits him for one last run, targeting a powerful artificial intelligence orbiting earth helmed by an evil mega-corporation.


It’s arguably a synopsis that would make any director weep with joy. After leaving the Deadpool sequel, Miller was told by Fox that they would make sure to find him a new project for him and his team to work on from the ground up, and this is as good of a project to step into as any.


No writer for the film has yet been set. Neuromancer has gone through many possible adaptations in the past, with Joseph Kahn attached to direct back in 2008 and Vincenzo Natali signed on sometime after that. Miller is a superior choice considering his VFX background which should lead to the film looking spectacular.


However, Neuromancer won’t be Miller’s next film. The in-demand director is currently working on a new Terminator reboot alongside James Cameron, who regains the domestic rights to the film in 2018. A writing team has been assembled, with production looking to kick off next spring as soon as the rights revert back to Cameron.


An exciting time to be Tim Miller, for sure. His next two projects will have him sitting in the directors chair of two 1980s cultural milestones.



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