‘Deadpool’ Movie To Start Filming In March In Vancouver | Film News


How nice is it for Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds to be shooting the new movie in his home town of Vancouver? According to Global News, Reynolds will begin filming the Tim Miller flick in March of this year. After developing the Deadpool standalone movie for years, 20th Century Fox finally gave the green light to go ahead with the adaptation of the Marvel Comic late last year.


The film will focus on Marvel’s antihero, wisecracking character that has a habit of talking directly to the audience – interesting. I can see this character approach dividing audience, while some love when characters break the fourth wall, others often find themselves being pulled out of the narrative. The casting for the flick is ongoing with names like T.J Miller and Ed Skrein in the mix. With production looming closer, Deadpool is expected to hit theatres on February 12, 2016.



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