‘Deadpool’ Promotes Testicular Cancer Awareness Charity | Film News



Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool has released a #TouchYourselfTonight video in aid of UK based Testicular Cancer charity Ballboys. The upcoming Deadpool Marvel Movie, follows Ryan Reynold’s in the role of Wade Wilson/Deadpool, which, in an effort to cure his cancer, undergoes an experiment that leaves him with new abilities.


The video, which shows Reynold’s in his superhero costume, instructs the audience to take hold of their ‘man berries‘, informing the audience how to correctly check for potential cancerous lumps. The marketing team for Deadpool have garnered much media attention throughout the film’s PR run, such as using the poo and skull emoji’s to recreate the title of the film on a billboard. The movie is slated for release on February 10 in the UK. Take a look at Deadpool’s Testicular Cancer awareness video below!




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