‘Deadwood’ Movie Could Begin Filming In 2018 | Film News

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‘Deadwood’ Movie Could Begin Filming In 2018 | Film News


Deadwood, one of HBO’s most critically acclaimed shows, only lasted three seasons, leaving fans frothing at the mouth for more. While there have been no plans to continue the show on the small screen, there has been long-gestating developments about a Deadwood movie looking to give closure to the series. It seems we might be getting closer to that being a reality.


Back in April, it was reported that showrunner David Milch had turned in a completed script to HBO and was just waiting for the greenlight. That proverbial neon beam of hope has yet to officially arrive, but Deadline reports that production on the film is in motion and is looking at an autumn 2018 start date.


It now becomes a matter of getting previous cast members such as Ian McShane, Timothy Olyphant, John Hawkes and Molly Parker scheduled, which should be a little easier considering a film usually takes a lot less time to film than a whole season of television.


As to what the film will entail, it’s long been rumoured that the story would “focus on the town burning and saloon impresario Al Swearengen fleeing by barge”. Vague, but intriguing to fans. Their more pressing concern will likely be whether the potential film adaptation can live up to the hype after all these years.


It’s also fair to wonder how much Milch will be involved in the potential film, as he’s currently working on the third season of True Detective, though his role on that show is also very vague. Basically, there’s still plenty up in the air. Things will begin moving forward if and when HBO greenlight Milch’s script and the Deadwood movie can finally begin to see the light of day.



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