Death Grips – Inanimate Sensation | Music Video


I can’t help but enjoy Death Grips and all their insanity. Is it music? Is it the breaking down of the mind depicted in music, should we be scared? Whatever Death Grips are, they may not be around for much longer, revealing six months ago, that they are going to split after the release of a double album titled The Powers That B. Now anyone who has sat through an entire Death Grips album knows just difficult that is, especially the band’s last release Government Plates. Listening to that album start to finish can have long term effects, so be warned, a double album sounds scary.


The band say they will split after its release but it wouldn’t be the first surprise sprung by the Californian, electro-rap-rockers if this ends up to be a fib. In 2013 they revealed that their next album was going to be released in 2014, however on the 13th of November 2013, 13 months 13 days and 13 hours after the release of their previous album, with no prior warning, the band released Government Plates. So perhaps the insanity will not end just yet.


“Inanimate Sensation” is a taster of what’s to come, unsurprisingly full of aggression, swearing, loud noises but not much in terms of rhythm or beat. Like I said at the start, I can’t help but enjoy it, it has got something that makes me grit my teeth in a crocked smile. The band have released there take on a music video for the new single, one that captures elements of their crude, delusion educing style. You can watch the new video below but proceed with caution.




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