‘Death In Paradise’: Series 5, Episode 8 | TV Review

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‘Death In Paradise’: Series 5, Episode 8 | TV Review



The final episode in the series aired last night and was a perfect ending to an exceptional series of television.


The murder this week is that of a student Sian (Aimee-Ffion Edwards), travelling the world with her boyfriend Griff (Owain Arthur). At first glance it appears as though Sian has taken her own life. However as usual, Humphrey is not convinced. The question of who done it will have the audience stumped.


As well as the mystery of Sians death, the ‘whirlwind’ marriage between JP and Rosie finally takes place. It is not without its hiccups along the way, not helped by some dodgy advice from Dwayne. Humphrey meets an unexpected old friend from England that could be the answer to his dating troubles.


This final episode goes back to basics in terms of the ‘colour by numbers’ way of structuring the murders. This is defiantly a good thing. It has a full circle feeling about it, meaning that everything has come together, but not in a way that leaves it nowhere to go for the next series.


The fact that each episode doesn’t follow on from the previous one with regards to the murders means that the episodes are their own entity. If the murders followed on, it would become ridiculous, similar to a soap. That would mean the programme  would realistically not be able to carry on for many more series.


I personally hope the cast stays the same. On paper the characters shouldn’t work as well as they do. The quirkiness about them makes them extremely watchable and likable, crucial for a programme like this.


“That’s what this is all about. Love…obsession…control.”



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