Deca And Neon Brown Unveil Music Video For ‘Zick?’ | Music News


The brand new video from Deca and Neon Brown for “Zick?”, which is taken from their recently released collaborative project The Donner Party, pays homage to the John Carpenter cult classic They Live.


Directed by Jeremy Dehitta and Sloan Copeland, the video for “Zick?” offers a humorous remake of 80’s cult movie starring the late Roddy Piper and Frank Armitage, packed with mullets, classic Carpenter costumes, subliminal advertising, anti-consumerism messages, ridiculous fight scenes, and everything in between.


The track “Zick?” is taken from The Donner Party, which Deca and Neon Brown released back in August. Speaking about the inspiration for the album, Deca says, “The title of the album makes me think of a cocktail party where the hosts run out of caviar and hors d’oeuvres and things take a dark turn“.


Deca adds that the album is sparked by an idea that “humanity is blindly forging ahead with no real regard for the consequences of our actions. We’ve all been bred this way—to be good consumers—and the architects of society are figuring out the most efficient ways to manipulate our perception of the world. I think there’s a deep hunger for meaning, connection, substance, and real sustenance in our culture and not many places to find it. When we can’t find it we eat what we’re fed“.


Watch the video for “Zick?” below:




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