Declan McKenna – Brazil | Music Video

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Declan McKenna – Brazil | Music Video


Wise beyond his eighteen years, emerging indie-pop talent, Declan McKenna, pours honesty, subjects of society and politics into his songs. It goes without no surprise the music video to his latest track, “Brazil”, is wacky, youthful and honest, a hipster’s dream as he dresses head to toe in Fila. Going from his signature dungaree style to animal masks and even an astronaut’s uniform at one point.


It’s wild and colourful, jam packed with funky visuals creating a collage effect. It has a vintage feel much like Declan’s musical persona, holding remnants to Coldplay’s “Up&Up” video released last year.


What’s great about the single is that it doesn’t follow in the footsteps of usual teen heartbreak and the unfolding drama, not that this doesn’t also constitute great records by artists previously, but instead he’s discussing the deception behind FIFA which brings something a little more quirky and unique.


Someone who shows promise so young, Declan McKenna has definitely got a lot more to give on his upcoming album, What Do You Think About The Car?, released on July 21 this year.


You can watch the video to “Brazil” below:




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