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In September, the American rock band Deerhunter spent an entire night playing and experimenting with their own melodies. This intense jam session has produced in one take, a 13-minutes long song, titled “Timebends”. The band decided to launch this new single on October 31, and it has just been released with a video clip which testifies to how the musicians worked together that night.


The video was directed and edited by Bradley Cox himself. He has taken the scenes in an amateur way, by leaving them to overlap themselves by following the different instruments playing. In a sort of stream-of-consciousness, the sounds play continuously, by experiencing all the different ways in which they could blend together.


At the beginning, a piano plays soflty to give then room to the voice of Bradley Cox, which sings painfully on it. Then the sound is enriched by some fuzzy guitars. A this point, the music evolves itself without the voice of the singer, who leaves the instruments weave together into a psychedelic jam, puctuated by a light drum.


It’s the first music material from the band since their release of Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? earlier this year. Moreover, today it has officially released a new EP, entitled Myths 004 , a collaboration between Cate Le Bon and Bradford Cox.


Watch the video for “Timebends” below:




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