Deidre & The Dark – Unreasonable Love | New Music

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Deidre & The Dark – Unreasonable Love | New Music


Navigating the soundspace somewhere between Shirley Bassey and Lana Del Ray, Brooklyn-based artist Deidre Muro shares her latest single, “Unerasable Love”.


Having started Deidre & the Dark as a creative side project during her time as founding member & front-woman of Brooklyn band Savoir Adore, Deidre delicately balances farcical-fun and drama, moulding a classic yet modern aural and visual aesthetic with this near completely different identity.


“Unerasable Love” is adorned with sweeping string arrangements that sink and swell and create a dark atmosphere in the song. She masters the storytelling aspect in this song, manipulating the deep and dark melodies, uttering each word with a poignant delivery before the strings usher in the surprisingly light chorus. The whole vibe of the song is strictly glamorous but stays true to its 60’s pop core.




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