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Pop singer Demi Lovato has opened up about her 2018 near-fatal overdose in a very intimate and emotional interview with Tracy Smith of CBS Sunday Morning.


Demi Lovato spoke at length about what led up to the terrible accident and her recovery. The interview was conducted by the same journalist, Tracy Smith, she spoke to about being completely sober back in 2016.


Together, they were able to contrast Demi Lovato’s two interviews and observe the difference between the singer in 2016 and where she is today.


The singer explained that her overdose could have been fatal only a few minutes away “The doctors told me that I had five to 10 minutes, like, if no one had found me, then I wouldn’t be here. And… I’m grateful that I’m sitting here today”.


Demi Lovato also opened up about her struggle to stay sober and how that led to her overdose “I’m in recovery for a bunch of things and I had been sober for how many years, but I’m still miserable. For the first time in my life, I had to essentially die to wake up”.


She also explains that at that time, she had no control over her life, but since her overdose, she has grown up and taken control of her life. She admits in the interview that she is not completely sober as she still uses marijuana and drinks alcohol. “I think the term I best identify with is ‘California sober'”.


“I don’t really feel comfortable explaining the parameters of my recovery to people, because I don’t want anyone to look at my parameters of safety and think that’s what works for them”, she added.


This interview allows us to better understand the pain that Demi Lovato experienced for several years before her overdose, it is a very emotional and intimate interview that allows us to better understand who is really behind the world famous star.


Finally, this interview for CBS Sunday Morning came just days before the launch of the documentary Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil, which was released on Youtube on March 23. In this documentary, Demi Lovato will confide in us about being sexually assault by her dealer the night she overdosed, among other issues.


You can watch Demi Lovato’s interview with CBS Sunday Morning below:



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