Deptford Goth – Two Hearts | Music Video


Deptford Goth – real name Daniel Woolhouse – is back with a new video for his second single “Two Hearts”, which will appear on his second album titled Songs. In it, Woolhouse is standing hopelessly during sunset, time when the blues are intensified, and we can only hope he doesn’t get too attached to that sadness. Four notes of the piano riff immediately bring The Beatles’ “Let It Be” to mind, but that’s just a coincidence.


The London-based songwriter is fully responsible for this marching lament with some soul influence, a 4-minute piece of melodies peacefully layered. His upcoming album Songs will be out on November 3, and it can be pre-ordered here. The video for “Two Hearts” is directed by Daniel Woolhouse and Aneil Karina, watch it below.




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