Dialect – Chroma | Music Video


The video to this track includes many minor and major picturesque views that look like they’ve been dipped in E Numbers. This same video is tucked away on YouTube, overshadowed by many other artists striving painfully for adoration. And that’s what I like about it. It doesn’t rush. It doesn’t even care who does. It just is. “Chroma” is part of Dialect’s forthcoming album, Advanced Myth. I know this doesn’t count as objectively presenting the facts, but I like the sound of it already. It’s like coming across the right painting and slipping into a reverie trying to work out what it all meant at the time of conception, and indeed, what it means now. Check out the video here, Advanced Myth is due to be released on February 14 via Tasty Morsels.



Advanced Myth tracklist:


01. Developers
02. Hung Rose
03. Teams
04. The Youniverse
05. Shatters
06. Chroma
07. Strange Grave
08. Unanswered Prayers
09. Watermarks
10. Jabba
11. First Breath
12. Waterfall End Sequence



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