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Behind the Diamond Shake project, the voice and mind of Matthew Hitchen are hidden, speaking through sounds. Born and raised in London, he decided to move to Los Angeles to give his musical career a concrete form. There, he realized that he could only rely on himself for his future. That’s where it all started.


Focusing only on himself and his personal struggles he has found the strength to face all this through what he loves most, his music. The result of this difficult path was the release of his first album From Method to Madness. “It’s all about my mental health problems like depression, anxiety, anger, low self-esteem and addiction,”, Hitchens reveals. “Each song is about a different one of those issues while also telling the story of making
and releasing the album, ultimately ending in failure.


Moreover, with the song “Into The Fire” he has chosen to face himself again, singing about how important the need for guidance is in moments of profound difficulty to not let sadness take complete control over you. Matthew’s voice sings rudely on the delicate notes of a piano, in a clear contrast.


As soon as the song reaches the refrain, the sounds touch a culminating point, where the piano melts with guitars and chorus of the background, but under the spotlight there’s only the screaming voice of the singer, able to shake the bones of the listener. He reaches the peak of the musical climax by singing: “Why won’t you take me out of the fire?“.


The single, extracted from his first album, was released with a music video consisting of an animation created by Dominique Bloink. On the screen, black and white figures follow one another without a clear story-line. They seem to be derived from a stream of consciousness of personal nightmares, which cannot be stopped until the dreamer wakes up thanks to a help guide. The deep eyes depicted in the center of the clip contain the existence of a saving hope.


Watch the video for “Into The Fire” below:




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