Did Meghan Markle Break Royal Protocol At British Fashion Awards? | Fashion News


Are the royals too strict on its members, or should there be a set list of coloured nails that one must follow in order to look presentable and ‘royal’? Meghan Markle seems to think the rules are just a tad old-fashioned…


Markle stunned at the British Fashion Awards last night when she rocked up with punk-style black nail polish (short nails still, so it’s not completely beyond the the point of no return!), but according to other royals, she broke fashion protocol with her one shoulder black dress and dark nails.



Along with backlash from the Royals, trolls have now apparently found their new amusement: mocking Markle for holding her baby bump?! Yes, you read that correctly. The trolls have said “it wont fall off”, mocking her for the love and affection she has for her child.


According to the Queen, dark, bright or false nails are deemed too “vulgar” for royal use. And, according to express, “Queen Elizabeth is said to favour the subtle hue of Essie’s Ballet Slippers pale pink polish and has worn the shade since 1989”. 


Sorry Royals, but wearing ballet pink on our nails is “so passé”. 



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