Did Tom Hardy Write This Open Letter To A Journalist Who Bashed Him On Twitter? | Film News

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Did Tom Hardy Write This Open Letter To A Journalist Who Bashed Him On Twitter? | Film News

Actor Tom Hardy listens during a press conference promoting the film "Legend" during the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto on Sunday, Sept. 13, 2015. (Darren Calabrese/The Canadian Press via AP)


Last week, Drew McWeeny a film journalist for Hitfix, took to Instagram to rant about Tom Hardy. Phrases like “delicate f—ing flower” and “spoiled baby” were thrown around and McWeeny was unmistakably furious. So, what had Hardy done to incur such wrath? During the press junket for The Revenant, McWeeny had been forced to wait four hours past the scheduled interview time only to have Hardy cancel on him.


He began his rampage by saying, “I’ll say it: Tom Hardy should stop doing junkets. He’s terrible at them, and he makes it impossible for anyone to do their jobs. Fuck him”. This isn’t the first time Hardy has had run-ins with journalists, the most recent incident occurred during the press junket for Legend when a journalist asked him about his sexuality. Hardy openly called the journalist out in front of the audience. McWeeny then went on to say “I get it, dude. Being a movie star is a burden. Thanks for making my job impossible because you’re such a delicate fucking flower”.


Press tours aren’t exactly known for being enjoyable events for the people involved. It probably starts out as fun, but towards the end it becomes merely a matter of surviving. Imagine being asked the same inane questions on repeat for hours on end – add to that that they’ve got a strict spoiler-free policy that results in ambiguous answers and uncomfortable situations  – it can’t always be enjoyable. Stress is known to bring out the worst in people, and why would our stars be any different?


“No one HAS to do press or give interviews. But if you’re going to, don’t be a piece of shit about it. Thanks”. McWeeny added. “Spoiled babies like Hardy count on the press needing access to them and staying quiet about how badly they behave. Dick move”.


So what does Hardy think about all of this? Well, an open letter addressing McWeeny was posted to an “officially unofficial” fan website last night and it was signed “Best regards and thanks for calling me an asshole a lot Tommy xxx” – leading many to believe that Hardy is the author. It has all the attributes of the actor’s typical cheeky – don’t take no shit from no one – attitude. If Hardy isn’t affiliated, I must say, he’s got some protective and loving fans out there. You can read the full letter here.



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