Did You Spot The ‘Star Wars’ And ‘Back To The Future’ Easter Egg In ‘Doctor Who?’ | TV News


Let’s face it, we all love it when our favourite franchises mingle together, and it seems like one eagle eyed Whovian was able to look past their heartbreak after last week’s Doctor Who episode (Face The Raven), for they managed to spot an easter egg WITHIN an easter egg… Still following me? The hidden gem in question references to two of the world’s most beloved franchises – Star Wars and Back To The Future, but to the untrained eye this clever spot would have meant absolutely nothing.


However, one space language savvy managed to identify that the hieroglyphic-like symbols placed behind Jenna Coleman’s Clara Oswald and Joivan Wade’s Rigsy were actually written in Aurebesh – the fake typography belonging to the Star Wars films! There’s more though, for when the words are translated into English, they coincidentally read DeLorean! Although Doctor Who’s producers haven’t actually claimed responsibility for the easter egg, they’ve certainly confirmed that someone is a huge Star Wars and Back To The Future fan! See a screenshot from Face The Raven that features the easter egg and the Aurebesh alphabet below:





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