Diet Prada And Yellowpop Unveil Neon Homeware Collaboration | Fashion News


Diet Prada has announced an exclusive art and neon collection created in partnership with the international decoration brand Yellowpop.


International fashion weeks have been restricted due to the pandemic of the Covid-19, that is why these two brands have decided to bring their spirit of its events into your personal space.


This partnership is a limited edition. Indeed, there are only six possibilities of the model, which are almost all composed of word or sentence form fashion dialect (like “J’Adore” or “Très Chic”).


This collaboration has dug into Fashion week inspiration by asking some artists to set up and film each model in an emblematic city of fashion.


You can use it in your living room, office or anywhere else in your house. The prices are around $390 to $990, which makes it a definite investment, but as with your wardrobe, a prestigious piece is sometimes worth looking at.


Diet Prada and Yellowpop have both used social media to build their brand with eye-catching pieces. This seems to be natural that they joined their talent to create a unique collaboration.


Speaking about the collaboration, Diet Prada made a post on Instagram saying:


“Before the pandemic, travelling had become a huge part of our lives and we’re lucky to have seen the most amazing fashion shows from New York to Tokyo. Since we’ve all been spending more time at home, we wanted to create something to elevate our spaces and bring that fashion spirit inside. Plus, neon makes every space look cooler”


Great idea, indeed, to get out of this boring daily life!




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