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Diives – Stayed Too Long | New Music


North Wales singer-songwriter Diives has recently unveiled a second new track titled “Stayed Too Long” which was premiered on Gigslutz and even supported by BBC Introducing Merseyside. The new single can be seen as rebel rousing indie offering mixed with contemporary grime.


Diives says that the new track ”Stayed Too Long” is a single we can draw our own interpretation of, and find the message which most resonates for us.


“It’s at least in part about being the last ones to leave the party, when the alcohol can take effect on what you say and think. The line “Right to the moment when the ‘false us’ kicked in” is where that comes from – But actually I kind of prefer people making their own interpretations, finding the message that most resonates for them.”


He continues with an explanation of why his music is regularly put into defied categorization, as he is an artist who values the creative freedom over the confines of traditional genre.


“There’s a lot to say, and lots of different ways to communicate it – People get hung up on looking and sounding a certain way, saying certain things…but not getting pigeon-holed frees you up, so the song finds the voice it needs, not the other way around.”


Listen to Diives latest single “Stayed Too Long” below




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