Disney+ Acquires ‘Challenger Deep’ Novel With ‘Toy Story 4’ Writer Adapting | Film News

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Disney+ Acquires ‘Challenger Deep’ Novel With ‘Toy Story 4’ Writer Adapting | Film News


Disney+ have acquired the rights to Neal Shusterman‘s National Book Award-winning novel, Challenger Deep. Toy Story 4 writer Will McCormack will write the script.


The book revolves around mental illness. Caden Bosch lives in two worlds, one being a life with family, friends and high school. Unfortunately he’s paranoid for no reason, thinks people are trying to kill him, and demonstrates obsessive compulsive behaviours. In his other world, he’s part of the crew for a pirate captain on a voyage to the Challenger Deep, the ocean’s deepest trench.


In this world, there’s a captain and his mutinous parrot, and they sail through uncharted waters toward unknown dangers. The author based the book on his own son’s schizoaffective disorder, and the book has been praised for its graceful handling of mental illness.


It is not stated whether the project will be a film or series, but the likelihood is a film. Disney continue to search for content for their upcoming streaming platform, and an adaptation of a popular YA novel fits their brand nicely.


Trevor Engelson and Josh McGuire at Underground are producing along with Disney-based Justin Springer, who recently produced Dumbo, while Disney executive Alison Erlikhman is shepherding the project.


Hopefully we’ll get more details on the project in the future. Disney+ launches in November 2019.



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