Disney Considers Chris Pratt As New Indiana Jones | Film News


Chris Pratt‘s career is just getting bigger and better as time goes on, with his recent success in major flick Guardians of The Galaxy and his up and coming Jurassic World performance, he’s definitely become the man of the moment. Now it seems even Disney is eyeing him up to take over from Harrison Ford as the new Indiana Jones. While nothing is set in stone and Ford has previously said that he’d like to don the fedora and whip once again, Disney are thinking about bagging the Parks and Recreation actor for the role.


This would be an amazing role for Pratt who has seemed to go from quirky comedic actor to A-list royalty overnight. While I’m worried he’ll be over-used if Hollywood hands him every major franchise role in the next couple of years, I don’t doubt his capability at all. With the sequel Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull getting held up, Disney’s involvement could mean it gets a well deserved push in the right directing. How do you guys feel about the possibilities of Pratt taking over this much loved role?


Source:Deadline (via  Joblo)



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