Disney’s Animated ‘Robin Hood’ Getting Live-Action Remake | Film News


A studio making a new Robin Hood film is nothing new, it practically happens every other year. A studio making a live-action remake of the Robin Hood movie where he’s an animated fox is something a little different, but that’s exactly what’s happening at Disney.


Blindspotting director Carlos Lopez Estrada will direct the film which is reportedly heading straight to Disney+. Kari Granlund is writing the script, which makes sense as she also penned the script for the recent Disney+ remake of Lady And The Tramp.


Let’s just make this abundantly clear again. This is a live-action remake of Robin Hood where the actors will be playing anthropomorphic animals. Robin Hood will again be a fox. People have already compared this announcement to Cats, arguably the worst film debacle in a decade. Not exactly the comparison you want to get if you’re Disney.


It’s also a musical, by the way.


Justin Springer, who worked on Tim Burton‘s Dumbo remake as well as Tron: Legacy, will serve as producer on the project. There’s no word on when this will possibly be released, but reportedly the film was in the works before Hollywood was shut down due to the coronavirus.


Hopefully this new Robin Hood doesn’t turn into the uncomfortable hellscape Cats was, but even if it does, it can be buried on Disney+ without nearly as much fanfare, and everyone can happily return to the 1973 version. Examining why the studio feels the need to make a live-action anthropomorphic version of the Robin Hood story might actually make a better movie.



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