Disney’s ‘Mulan’ Remake Pushed Back To 2020 | Film News

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Disney’s ‘Mulan’ Remake Pushed Back To 2020 | Film News


While Marvel fans rejoice at the news that Avengers: Infinity War was yesterday bumped up a week to its new release date of Friday, April 27, fans of Disney’s live-action remakes are going to be far less enthralled. The highly-anticipated live-action version of Mulan, originally scheduled to be released in November of this year, has now been pushed way back to March 27, 2020.


In fairness, it was easy to see this coming. Niki Caro‘s film only recently cast actress Liu Yifei in the lead role after over a year of auditioning over 1,400 actresses. Considering the size and scope of the movie, it was always going to be a struggle to be ready in time for November.


Why not 2019? Well Disney already has three major releases planned for next year: Dumbo (March 29), Aladdin (May 24), and The Lion King (July 19). While it’s possible Disney could have slotted in Mulan towards the end of the year, releasing four live-action remakes in the same year would probably be overkill. Not to mention the fact that Frozen 2 hits cinemas Christmas 2019, as well.


So while it’s initially disappointing that we won’t get to see Mulan for a long while, it will probably be worth it in the long run. We’d much rather see an excellent finished product rather than a rushed disappointment simply made to hit the original release date. Plus, Disney’s myriad of other live-action films should keep fans happy until 2020.



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