DJ Khaled Shares ‘Happy Gilmore’ Inspired Video For ‘Let It Go’ | Music News


DJ Khaled‘s twelfth album Khaled Khaled recently charted at the top of the Billboard album chart, bolstered by some prestigious collaborations, such as with Justin Bieber, which is not surprising, given that this is not the first time that they have collaborated.


The music video of their newest collaboration “Let It Go”, which also features rapper 21 Savage, from the Khaled Khaled album was unveiled on YouTube on May 10. The track comes with an R&B-rap sound, with Justin Bieber tackling his voice by mixing it with the catchy rap of 21 Savage.


The music video is actually inspired by the classic Happy Gilmore film by Adam Sandler, which turned 25 this year.


DJ Khaled plays the role of Chubbs Peterson. Eager to beat 21 Savage who plays Shooter McGavin, he takes the golf prodigy, Gilmore played by Justin Bieber, under his wings.


In the humorous, scripted video, we catch a glimpse of the three on a golf course, where DJ Khaled helps Justin Bieber win a game.


Afterwards we can see DJ Khaled fighting a huge crocodile, which threatens the golf competition, in order to save his friends. But don’t worry, it is a fake crocodile. In any case, the rather crazy clip that the trio have prepared for us is a good surprise.


You can watch the video for “Let It Go” right here:




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