DJ Toasty Digital Releases Kanye West x Kendrick Lamar Mashup ‘Good Kid, Twisted Fantasy’ | Music News



26-year old DJ Toasty Digital has released a 20-minute mashup of classic albums from Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West albums, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Good Kid, M.A.A.D City titled Good Kid, Twisted Fantasy. He mixed instrumentals from one with the lyrics from the other and vice versa, while also cutting smoothly and almost indistinctive from track to track.


Kendricks’s latest album DAMN was released back in 2017 and Kanye’s last studio effort was 2019’s Jesus Is King, so its a real treat to get a throwback from them thanks to DJ Toasty Digital and allow listeners to remember all the best hits all at once in such good harmony.


The mashup shows all of the sides of the artists, from the more dancing tunes to the slowests, and its like they blend perefctly into each other also with a touch of house music, that we are not used to when listening to either of them.


The mashup background story is like a different dimention in 2050, in a version of the world which Kanye West has been gone missing for over 30 years and apparantly he had lauched himself out of the Earth into another planet, which makes the mashup much more interesting indeed if you hear the lyrics and imagine the background story.


Listen to Good Kid, Twisted Fantasy below




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