‘Doctor Who’ Named Biggest Selling BBC Programme Of 2014-2015 | TV News


Another year, another series of Doctor Who, and yet again, the series proves its worth and importance for the BBC – beating the likes of Top Gear, Call The Midwife, Orphan Black and Sherlock, it was the broadcaster’s biggest selling series of 2014.


Despite a lacklustre response from the UK, with ratings falling down to 7 million per episode, the series was hugely successful worldwide. American audiences took to the series immediately, with ratings reaching the 2.2 million mark and sales going up around 29%. With global brands such as LEGO, Netflix, YouTube and ABC hopping on to the band wagon – this train really doesn’t look like it’s slowing down soon.


In the 10th year of its revival this year, and coming into its 9th series – the show is expected to grow even bigger over the Autumn/Winter seasons. Will the revival series be able to live long enough to reach the 15 year mark? Or are audiences going to get bored of the wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey adventures of the Doctor? Only time will tell! Watch the first trailer for series 9 here.




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