‘Doctor Who’ Producer Steven Moffat On Jenna Coleman’s Replacement | TV News

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‘Doctor Who’ Producer Steven Moffat On Jenna Coleman’s Replacement | TV News


Clara Oswald’s grave isn’t even cold yet, but BBC Doctor Who producer Steven Moffat is already thinking about Jenna Coleman’s replacement, for he is hoping that a new companion will enable him to reinvent the hit time travelling show and take the TARDIS in a new direction. Jenna Coleman bowed out of the show last Saturday in Face The Raven; where the Impossible Girl met her demise, leaving the Doctor grief-stricken.


Speaking in the latest issue of Radio Times magazine, Moffat admitted that he has “specific ideas but not a specific actress” in mind. He went further by revealing “a new companion gives us the chance to relaunch the show. And we’ve got a really cool new idea about how to do that”. With regards to his departure, Moffat also revealed he has already started considering who could take his place when he finally leaves Doctor Who.


Although he has signed up for another series, it sounds like his departure could be imminent. Moffat explained: “Everything is difficult in Doctor Who, including leaving. I’d never leave it in the lurch because it means too much to me. Let’s not pretend it’s not a big problem. But there will be a solution”. Sounds like you’d better get a farewell party planned BBC!



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