‘Doctor Who’ Producers Nearly Cast A Black Doctor, Steven Moffat Reveals | TV News



The calibre of this country’s black actors, I believe the next Doctor Who showrunner should utilise such obvious talent. Steven Moffat has revealed that the role of the Doctor was offered to a black actor, but it fell through. The outgoing showrunner has supported the idea of having two non-white leads following the casting of Pearl Mackie – whose name is as awesome as her character – in a conscious decision by producers.


He commented:


we need to do better on that. We just have to


The showrunner also supported the idea of a black doctor, commenting:


Absolutely it would [be refreshing], two non-white leads in Doctor Who would be amazing. In fact, a lot of people would barely notice … I certainly don’t think there’s ever been a problem with making the Doctor black, which is why it should happen one day. I mean, we’ve tried. The part has been offered to a black actor. But for various reasons, it didn’t work out.



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