‘DogBone’ The New Track From Gold Baby Is Out Now! | Music News


North London indie grunge-pop band Gold Baby have just released their new single, “Dogbone”! The band is composed of Siân Alex on guitar and vocals, Sara Kleppe on bass and Scott Hislop on drums.


The band is a mix of styles, ranging from Slacker Pop and Grunge-Pop, to Indie Rock, among others. Siân describes the band as “what it would be like if Sufjan Stevens wrote a Weezer song“.


The band finished 2019 on a high note with the success of their single “Philadelphia” and started 2020 the same way with the release of “Dogbone” on January 10, 2020. To continue the momentum, the band has planned the release of another track “Japanese Racehorse” on February 17.


The name Gold Baby is taken from a poem by Sylvia Plath, which will greatly inspire the band and become its strength and mantra. The group, which has become a family, is going to be bound by a commitment to Golden Baby. “Dogbone” is a song about memories.


If you want to see this band live, they will be at The Library Pub in Oxford on January 21, at The Eagle Inn in Stanford on February 8, and at The Waiting Room in London on February 17.


Listen to “DogBone” here:




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