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Fashion brands have been showing their newest collections at the Milan Fashion Week over the past few days, and this time, it was the Italian luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana to showcase their 2021 Autumn Ready-to-Wear collection. This collection is all about colors and faux textures, with a future look mixed to the 90s vibe.


The Italian brand has been inspired by the song “Barbie Girl” by music group Aqua for this new collection, and it seems that the fashion brand took the lyrics “imagination, life is your creation” pretty seriously! This collection puts forward the most creative imagination of the brand. The 90s vibe jumps in with the neon animal print, as well as the big jewellery, plastic textured items, and more.


However, they wanted to deliver a collection that also looked like the e-girls/e-boys of the social media platform TikTok. With bright and dark colors proposing a full range of various styles for each and every one, exaggerated body shapes forged in kaleidoscopic tech materials, as well as bionic shapes, some evoked the bustiers of previous collections.


All the 135 pieces are chosen precisely, with the right material to make the outfit stand out, even more, when it is worn. The brand also wanted to revisit their 90’s ‘sexy’. So for that, they had to think on how this word is used and worn in 2021.


According to Gabbana: “But the starting point is different. Today ‘sexy’ is the same word but with another value. In the ’90s, you’d dress sexy for other people. Now, the young generations dress sexy for themselves, because they love it […]“.


This collection is also looking towards the future, with all the high-tech details we mentioned above, all the robot look-alike items such as big glasses/hats, holographic print and more, but as Gabbana said, “We’ve tried to do experimental things. Maybe it’s not okay immediately for now; maybe it’ll be okay in two or three years’ time. But it’s our reflection on today“.


Please check out some looks from this collection below:




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