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Following on from his successful debut in the summer of 2018, Brighton rapper Dom Champ returns with a new single titled “Slow” and its accompanying visuals. The new single is serving as the first single from his upcoming EP.


“Slow” comes with an dark undertones paired with the hip-hop braggadocio that show a new, more self-assured side of Dom Champ. Perhaps summarised best by the melancholic hook, “Slow” appears to be the demise of the inner saboteur.


The crisp and classic piano sample drifts over a distorted and hard-hitting bass line, giving an almost eerie feel to the song. Dom Champ opens the track with the hook, before transitioning seamlessly into a unique and sincere lyrical verse.


His soft rap style and non-descript accent glide effortlessly over the intricate percussion whilst the whole track washes over you. That is, until the end of the track, when the beat escalates into double time, picking the energy of the track up to the phenomenal final flourish of tongue-twisting raps, showcasing Dom Champ’s true ability and talent.


Recording in the vibrant and diverse city of Brighton, Dom Champ has been bringing unique sounds and sharp lyrics since summer of 2018. What started as poetic writing has since developed into genre-bending songs, and Dom Champ is already creating a name for himself with local radio and press in Brighton.


Not only is he creating his own music, Dom Champ has written verses and songs for several artists and is always working towards new collaborations. On the back of the release of “Slow”, Dom Champ is now working with local producers to finalise his debut EP, which will be released shortly.


Watch the video for “Slow” below:




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