Don Cheadle To Star In ‘Rogues’ Gallery’ Adaptation

Don Cheadle already plays War Machine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; now he’s venturing back into the world of superheroes in a different form. Cheadle will star in a TV adaptation of recently released comic book series Rogues’ Gallery.

Only released in July, Rogues’ Gallery revolves around the often-toxic world of superhero fandoms, and depicts the life of Maisie Wade. When the comic book starts, Wade has just abandoned her career as the Red Rogue, a popular superhero from this universe. However, things go awry when Wade’s departure causes the Red Rogue’s popular TV series to be canceled.

She is then subjected to the anger of the Red Rogue’s superfans, who lock her in her house and, dressed as Red Rogue’s villains, look to get revenge on her for leaving. Wade must then reluctantly disappear back into her superhero role in order to save her own life.

It’s unclear right now what Cheadle’s role will be, but he’s definitely deeply involved in the series, as his self-founded production label, This Radicle Act, is producing the project. He will also serve as an executive producer alongside Hannah Rose May, who created and wrote the original comic series. Her studio, Weird Neighbour Productions, will also be heavily involved.

There’s currently no word on what network the show will air, but This Radicle Act does have a first-look deal with Industrial Media, which has produced programs for ABC, HBO, Netflix, Hulu and more, so really this could end up anywhere. But expect networks and streamers to be very interested in a nascent superhero project just beginning to build a fanbase.

There’s obviously still a lot of details to be worked out in regards to the show, but it’s worth keeping an eye on in the overstuffed superhero genre. You never know which movie or show will be the next big hit.

Cheadle will be returning to his other superhero family, the MCU, in 2023 for the Disney+ series Armor. He can next be seen in Noah Baumbach‘s adaptation of Don Delillo‘s novel White Noise, which hits cinemas in November before arriving on Netflix a month later.


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