Donald Glover Signs Multi-Year Deal With Amazon Studios | TV News


California actor Donald Glover has just signed a new contract with the streaming giant Amazon. The contract is reported to be an eight-figure overall deal, in this deal, the actor should also have his own content portal on Amazon Prime.


Regarding the deal itself, we don’t yet have all the information but it is reported that the actor will be working on new content including a new series titled Hive with some special features. Malia Obama is also rumoured to be writing and working at his side for one of the projects, so this should be interesting to follow.


This was announced just days after Donald announced that he and Phoebe Waller-Bridge will both be creating, producing and starring in an update of New Regency’s Brad PittAngelina Jolie feature Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but that would only arrive on our screens in 2022.


Although the actor has changed streaming platform, it will not impact his existing contract with the Disney-owned FX platrform for his acclaimed series Atlanta, which has already been renewed for seasons 3 and 4, for which, filming should begin this coming March. Donald will be able to start his new collaboration with Amazon and still continue filming with FX.


Donald isn’t the only one in the family to have signed with Amazon, his brother Stephen Glover has also signed an overall deal. We also don’t have much information on that but we will have to follow that closely to see what the Glover’s are doing next.


Donald has shown us his talent whether it is in music, film or TV, and he is well respected in these various areas, so we already know that his projects are going to be of good entertainment quality.



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