Donald Trump Gives His Input On Theresa May’s Brexit Proposals | Politics


As usual, Donald Trump has given his opinions on political issues. Following Theresa May‘s Brexit plans to have some partial involvement with the EU rather than complete isolation, the US president has given his thoughts on the matter.


Trump states that this is not Brexit and that it is turning out a “little bit differently”. Going back to the 2016 EU referendum, Trump supported the Leave campaign which did not come as a shock. In regards to his comments about the current situation, May responded and stated that her plans will “deliver on the Brexit people voted for.”


We hope that it is as this document will dictate the UK’s future relationship with the EU. It will outline how the UK will trade with the EU for decades to come. May and her cabinet finally approved of the proposals some of which consist of:


– Maintaining a “common rulebook” for all goods that are traded within the EU
– Setting up a “mobility framework” which enables UK and EU citizens to travel in their countries.
– Maintaining a harmonised relationship with EU laws to avoid friction at the borders


These are just some of the many proposals agreed upon following Brexit. Although it may not suit some political leaders, it is essential to have a relationship with the EU. However to appease Trump, perhaps May should build a wall around the UK.



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