Donatella Versace Talks Met Ball, Working With Givenchy And The Versace Style With Alina Cho | Fashion News


Donatella Versace had a one-on-one interview with Alina Cho, former CNN host, along with a guest list from socialites to students of the Metropolitan Museum of Art to discuss the upcoming Met Ball. She talked about how being the face of Givenchy for his Fall/Winter 2015 collection happened after they were competitors for quite a long time, observing that, “in fashion you have to break the rules […] we did a bold and brave statement together“.


Talking about her style (we can’t forget her long and thick blonde hair, heavy eye make-up and heels), the designer said it is all to create a “barrier between you and the rest of the world“, she also shared her philosophy for designing her unique “rock chic” and always staying with the Versace style, sharing that it is all about being brave about your ideas and pushing yourself when you think you have something really good.


One of her advises for students in the audience was, “you have to be ready to suffer. It’s not an easy industry. It wasn’t easy for my brother when he started; it wasn’t easy for me. But you have to push yourself, work hard and send it over to people like me […] You have to look for what is not on the market and think about it, something that will attract attention and then you cut from that“.


As a fashion designer, it is quite inspirational to see one of the most influential designers of all times accepting it is a complicated industry and you have to stay true to yourself and your aspirations, to push yourself to the best you can be and to the best you can do.




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